Web and mobile based online registration solution

A complete tool to use before, during and after your event.

Trippus handles the whole process before, during and after the event which gives the event organizer great advantages. The fact that everything is linked together both gives the participant a better experience at the same time as it saves time and money for the organizer. Changes, cancellations, last minute registrations – all these things happen on most events. With an integrated system like Trippus all these events are automatically replicated through the whole system which eliminates double entries and minimizes the risk of human error.


Trippus aims to be at the forefront when it comes to handling events, conventions, conferences, group travel, training courses and fairs – online! In addition to registration, you can here allow your participants to book accommodation, transportation and all sorts of activities – everything on one confirmation and one payment.


We want to make it easy for the arrangers. With your own licence in the system you can upload event websites and what you want to be bookable yourself. We help you with templates for content and layout. You always have full control of reports and settings in an admin tool with two levels. The graphical profile is getting more and more important – we make sure that you can profile your events with everything from a great looking website to neat registration windows, designed name tags and attractive surveys.

The goal is to make event management easier and more fun for arrangers as well as for project managers and participants.

Our new platform, Trippus Flex, covers most needs. However, if our licence customers have further requests, we are also a development partner. It is also possible to integrate Trippus with already existing IT systems, e.g. finance systems – everything to automate the routine work.

Trippus Event Solutions