Give your event participants the opportunity to communicate live with speakers or moderators during your events. All they need to interact is their cell phone.

Do live polls and let participants ask questions to speakers during sessions. With Trippus on site Interaction the moderator has a very easy to use online tool where questions can be moderated and different polls activated. This is also where the moderator chooses which results to show on screen.

Feedback and follow-up
Send follow-up questions before, during and after your events. Questions can be configured as single choice, multiple choice, rating or free text. If you want the results can be shown in real-time on screen.

Busy during your events? We handle the interaction for you.

Live events can be very hectic – let us handle the interaction for you. We prepare layout templates to match your graphical profile and ensure Trippus is connected to the screens used onsite. If you want we can also moderate the interaction live during your event. One thing less for you to worry about and a professional experience for your participants.

On site interaction and live polls