Revenue Management Re-Imagined


LodgIQ ONE doesn’t depend on integration with your PMS or CRS interfaces. Simply verify your hotel information, choose your competitors, and you are up and running in 5 minutes or less!

LodgIQ ONE™ is a simplified yet powerful cloud-based platform that summarizes all market intelligence and price suggestions in a single view. With real-time market-level data, LodgIQ ONE alerts you to potential revenue opportunities with instant ability to act on them, in just a few clicks.

ONE View™: Integrated competitive rate shopping and market intelligence

ONE Click™: Single click rate updates across all relevant channels

ONE Screen™: Centralized single-view command center to fast-track decision making

See for yourself the simple yet powerful LodgIQ ONE.


Revenue Management Re-Imagined.

LodgIQ revenue management technologies extract intelligent revenue insights through the deep analysis of big data to drive informed business decisions and simplify everyday tasks.
Demystify Big Data With Machine Learning

LodgIQ incorporates advanced machine learning to extract relevant signals from demand patterns across evolving data sets. Our technology introduces mathematical modeling into the process of identifying patterns and making decisions.

As new data signals are received, LodgIQ’s machine learning platform analyzes them, determines their importance and integrates those data parameters going forward. When new data is integrated, forecasts and prices generated by the solution become even more accurate.